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I like you less than apple pie

Over  the past week I've spent a lot of time & care making a comp cd of '90s hc for some friends who have no knowledge or experience of punk or hardcore. The plan isn't to get them into the music, just to share with them. It might well end up being very inaccessible to them (particularly the screamy stuff), but I didn't let that bother me too much. When it seemed particularly important I included lyrics for several of the songs. 

In many cases, I'd only ever heard the bands on vinyl or cassette and hearing them as mp3s I realised or remembered that the recordings were very bad quality indeed (eg Bob Tilton, Penknife... and Boy Sets Fire, This Crying...). That's likely to make it even less accessible. Also, I wish the recordings (for those two bands in particular) weren't so removed from the power of the bands live which can be so important for context. Another thing I realised is just how many of those songs have love song-type lyrics and not just the indie-type emo bands. Maybe that's unfair though - a lot of those songs are about raw emotions from relationships gone wrong and not in the  'please take me back' - type way you get from commercial music. 

Discharge are playing London in December. I imagine that'll be an experience.

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