lauraxsynthesis (lauraxsynthesis) wrote,

Another long walk

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is explore the unofficial path from One Tree Hill into Camberwell New Cemetery. Lots of little trails run from the eastern main path into the overgrown bit of the woods. The one that goes directly to the naughty entrance turned out to be very muddy & claggy. I'm still using my winter boots so it was fine though of as usual the dogs needed their legs rinsed off later. It's an old vertical bar fence on the boundary just like the one in Dulwich Woods and just 2 bars were just slightly prised apart. Rolo jumped straight through first. It was a mysterious corner of the cemetery with one lone grave up the hill separate from the others. The dogs found lots of exciting things to explore in the west side of the cemetary - we didn't go any further or hang around for long. I most liked the view - particularly to the east and south where the hills were continuous all around like we were in the bottom of a bowl. We took the muddy path back to the woods and went over the hill before going home.
Tags: dog walks, southeast london

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