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More walking

Yesterday's walk has had an impact on me. I've kept out my winter walking boots for using on dog walks and I feel like I could do massive long walks every day and want to explore loads of new places on foot. I've never felt like this before and hope it will last! And it'll be nice for the dogs.

I've lived in East Dulwich for 2 years now and always felt rather spoiled for having so many places to take the dogs just a few minutes' walk from home. I am getting a bit bored with them though, particularly at this time of year since on weekends when the parks are full of children and football I've got no choice but to take the dogs somewhere muddy. I've taken more time to look at the map and just beyond our usual places there are other green spaces we could get to to extend our walks. I'd particularly like to do the, but getting there in the first place will be a problem. The dogs won't like the public transport connections.

One of the places I'd never been is Honor Oak Recreation Ground, which I know to be just behind Camberwell New Cemetery. We've not properly visited there either, so that was today's goal. We did our usual route to One Tree Hill via Camberwell Old Cemetery and Brenchley Gardens. At the top of the hill, I decided to explore the path that leads South and found it's a nice green walk pretty far down toward the rec ground entrance. Some mysterious major digging was going on at one side of the allotments. Even more major work was happening to transform part of the rec ground to cemetery, much of which had already been done and was pretty bland. The rec ground was mostly flat, open grass, but the views to the southeast were terrific and at the south end was a separate play area with nice trees and a big pipe with a hill built over it. No sports was going on, so we had the field to ourselves to chase balls or sniff around.

Then it was into the south side of the cemetery - a very peculiar place with woody bits, a pond with a waterfall, paths going every which way and lots of twee little burial areas. Not like any other cemetery I've seen. Later we got to the main bit where the paths & graves were fairly regular though I came across graves for Catholic holy sisters and a whole section of Salvation Army couples. On the former, the years of holy service were included and on the latter, the women were named after their husbands - Mrs General Anderson etc. Creepy.

We went out the main entrance and home via Brenchley Gardens. Tired dogs.
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